Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ok so Its been a while.
Today i woke up not wanting to go to class. At all. I mean.. when do i ever but today the desire not to was stronger than normal. 
I put on my jeans (we are working in the wood shop today so have to wear hot clothes), a tshirt, my keds and off to class it is..
I arrive 5 min. early and our teacher walks in to tell us he has to cancel class due to maintenance that needs to be done in the metal shop. 
MMM. Best day ever. I could complain about the gallon of sweat that came off my body from walking to and from class but theres no room for that.

I had so many ideas of blog entry's to write while driving home from California. But of course 2 weeks later the ideas have diminished slightly.
Matt and I drove from California to Texas in 22 hours. Took turns driving and were probably the nastiest people ever after spending 22 hours in a car, that half of the time didn't have a working air conditioner. It was good times. 
Really though. Good times apart from us not having an air-conditioner driving across the hottest part of the united states. 
I decided that we got abstraction from the Western part of the U.S. 
Well, sorta. That could be a controversial statement. Abstraction is a distorted view of something else. But i think you get what i mean. 
All throughout Arizona and New Mexico, there are shapes and shapes for miles. I guess you could call tress and stuff in the south organic and abstract? but theres something different about the mounds found in the desert that just scream it. The West has colors not found here. The land and the sky are literally made up or purples and reds. Its amazing. 
I got to oppportunity of driving early in the morning through West Texas. I've only heard horrible things about it but because there is nothing there.. it made my view of the sunrise spectacular. Literally... i don't know where the land ended.. the land is so flat and stretches forever. 
Just driving for hours, in the middle of nowhere has probably been one of the best parts of my summer so far.. Mainly because it was with Matthew and because theres just something about a road trip that just brings freedom.  Oh and the fact that it was across my native land.. since i am Indian and all...

It could be just the way i think but sometimes i think that my actions are symbolic for where i am. And i sometimes intentionally do things because i think its symbolic to where i am, what I'm doing, what I'm going though, etc.  That might be weird and not make sense but driving like we did this summer kinda describes my life right now. Explaining that could take a while. 

I feel different now than I did when I left for the Summer.
A good different.
I've learned so much the past 2 months. Ive learned about myself, about God, about the world, about relationships.. really about life in general. 

Ive learned that I am my own person. I have my own decisions to make, and my own experiences that i go through with God alone. At the same time. I'm just like everyone else. We are all sinners. I am a sinner. And a good one at that. I'm in need of a savior daily just like everyone. I'm in need of community and of dependence. A simple truth. But a good one that I'm sure I'm going to be reminded of everyday for the rest of my life.

Now for a few random things. 

I want to start a book club.
I have 5 books on my list already. 

I hung out with Davis Ann last night, she's the best.
Its amazing of the things that change in 2 months. How you can see how you, and your friends have grown just by being away from them a short time. I'm ready for her to be back here with me. The next year should be interesting. We are different today than we were yesterday and going into out last year of college should make it an interesting yet good time. 

I'm going to see Jessica this weekend :)
Shes gonna help me name my new car.. and teach me about my new computer. I'm excited. I always get a warm feeling when i think about going to Cleveland. Maybe because every other time I've been its been in the fall. And that makes me feel warm? haha i dunno. 

Matt's coming in 2 weeks. Anticipation makes the 2 weeks seem like 2 months. 

Anyways. God is good. 
I'm a sinner. 
He loves me. 
And that's good. 

hm. Now what to do with a day that i have no class?

Good day to everyone!