Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long Stitch.

Wow it has been a while since i have posted. A ton has gone on. Life has been going 100mph lately. Ive gone home the past few weekends and will go home or out of town every weekend until dead week of school which is the first weekend in December. Last weekend my friends and i had my Bachelorette party at Ross Bridge in Birmingham.. If you live in the Birmingham area i highly recommend getting away for at least just one night there. It will make you feel as if you were tucked away in the mountains of Colorado. I love it. The party was perfect.
THIS weekend i will be flying my last time alone to Texas to visit Matthew. It not only is my last time to fly alone but my last time to see him until we get married in December. Crazy huh? Feels weird that i'll only see him one more time.. but knowing thais means the journey of a 2 1/2 year long distance relationship will be over very soon.
Im pretty excited.
In other news school has been good. Busy. But good. I just finished these Long Stitch journals yesterday. My favorite is the one done with water color paper. I made/painted the paper last year sometime for a different project. I love BookArts.
Have a happy weekend! xoxo

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Tomorrow is a special day. It's my beautiful best friend Jessica's birthday!
She is turning 23!? It does not seem like we should be that old. We are spending the evening going to dinner with some of our closest high school girl friends, their moms, and Jessica's Aunts.
I cannot even explain how excited I am.

I have mentioned this before (here) but Jess and I have been best friends since 10th grade. We don't ever plan on not being best friends. Jess put it perfectly in a text she sent me the other day...
"I have daily epitomes about my life and what I want. You as my best friend always trumps."-j
I couldn't ask for a better best friend. She's a beautiful person in every way.
Have an awesome weekend! x0x0

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Aren't these books beautiful!?
Im thinking about using one of them for the guest sign in at our wedding.
They all fit the colors I'm using perfectly :)
Today I'm spending the day running errands and working on my own hand bound books. We have to do 2 Ethiopian Style Bindings by November 1st (looks kinda like the 1st picture). I'm hoping to make a few extras so I'm getting started now. Im pretty excited about it.
Happy Wednesday!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Musical Tuesday.

Well so much for keeping up music posts on Mondays but hey its ok.

Here are my music loves lately. Again some old, some new.

1. The Weepies new albumn: Be My Thrill.
Favorite songs so far: Be My Honeypie, Please Speak Well of Me, and When you Go Away
2. Joe Purdy song: He said She said.
3. My Morning Jacket song: Wordless Chorus
4. Mumm-Ra song: She's Got You High
5. Joshua Radin: Brand New Day
6. The Avett Brothers: Ten Thousand Words and The Perfect Space
7. Josh Pyke song: Beg Your Pardon
8. The Low Anthem song: Charlie Darwin and To Ohio
9. She & Him song: You Really Got A Hold Of Me
10. Iron & Wine Song: Faded From The Winter

To end here's a Joe Purdy Song from his most recent Album.

Joe Purdy - "Troubadour" (Live) from Plays Well With Others on Vimeo.

Monday, October 11, 2010


There are many things that come to my mind when i think about moving to Texas.
One of them.. is how I'm going to be miles and miles from my best friends.

Im going to miss nights in Tuscaloosa hanging out with Gabrielle & Davis Ann. Saying dumb things & laughing at ourselves.
I've avoided thinking about the comfort that I have in them here. How just in one day it will be taken away. My college life will be irreplaceable. (Don't get me wrong marriage has got to be fun too, but different)

Jessica currently lives 3 hours away. There is some comfort in that. Comfort in knowing i can get in my car and drive to Chattanooga any time i needed to.
Now Dallas.. thats another story. It will put me almost 15 hours from there. There is always a plane ride.. but that cost way more than 3 hours in the car.

Gabrielle said to me the other day "i never thought id have a friend like you" & thats when all of this hit me. I could have bawled in that moment but instead I changed the subject & moved on.

Jess gave me a note pad from Italy last summer. She wrote this in the front:
"I miss watching you dance, and how watching you gave me this "eternal" feeling- I love how the book- "Perks of being a Wildflower" describes moments like that, like our moments in your room, that the night just was perfect & we wanted to stop time. He said it was "infinite" There is no one I have more infinite moments with nor anyone I could ever imagine having more than we do."
Im a moments person.
Sometimes too much of one.
At other times I push them away because they make me "feel" too much.
These days I'm trying to live in them. Not past ones but present ones.
In the future I know I will still have moments with these girls that I love and have become so close to. They will just be different. & different can be good. This im reminding my self of.

One thing Im also reminding myself.. is how blessed I am. God really is a gracious God.


I cut my friend Gabrielle's bangs straight across last week. I have been SO tempted to cut my own the past few months and this did not help.

Im getting married in TWO months and am telling myself i can cut them the week after.
I do not want bangs for the wedding just because, knowing my hair, i will have some problems with them that day. Don't want to risk it.

My hair has grown out. Its taken over a year! I cut almost 9 inches off of it last August and cut my bangs last spring.
Who's my favorite style icon? Alexa Chung. All the way.
Love her clothes. Love her hair. She's beautiful.
I cut my hair because of her. Well, she was my inspiration.
And to clarify, against popular belief, i did not cut my hair like Zooey Deschanel (though i love her!) I can't tell you the number of times i got the "you look like Zooey" comment. She is more known for bangs because of 500 days of summer I guess. Oh well. She's pretty spectacular too.
Anyways. I guess ill just dream until January.


Saturday, October 9, 2010


Here's a few pictures from the Native American Festival.
Who knew an archeological landmark was right next door?
It was a success.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Native American.

New's flash!: Gabrielle & i get to go to the Native American Festival today.. thats right.. im skipping my last class and were going to see a little bit of my heritage. We have Indian mounds/reservations right outside of Tuscaloosa. It should be fun.
In celebration of the day here is one of my favorite pictures of me and Jessica. (A little blurry.. but this day Jess looked indian..)
Have a happy Thursday! Its almost the weekend!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Today is the first day of October. I have never met anyone who does not love this month. Im not sure what it is but its all around wonderful.
Today I'm enjoying the October weather.
Hammock? blanket on some grass, a book? who knows but i do know i have to be outside.

On a random note. I saw this first print on my friends Twitter the other day. Thought it was funny. The second one is just because i love California.
Happy Friday! and Happy October!

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