Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Entry #2 today
Question: if you could relive one day or point in your life over again for a day what would it be?

S&J beach trip for sure. The entire week.

Jessica is my best friend.
Has been since 10th grade the day Jessica helped me write a paper on best friends during PE.
I have the most fun with her. Its always an adventure when we get together no matter what we may be doing.
In High school we were basically one person. s&j. We went to tutor at elementary schools senior year during 5th period. We sometimes skipped and went home to watch shows that Jess tevoed and would occasionally go to sonic and bring back drinks for the girls in our art class we had 6th period. This was the extent of our rebelliousness at the time..
When we got back to school early from tutoring we would pull in the parking lot and see how many times we could drive around it without pressing the break or the gas. It was a fun game.. worked better in my car than it did in Jessica's forerunner. Definitely one of my favorite memories with her from high school.
We always have the best time when we're together

For our senior trip, i guess you can call it that, we went on a road trip to the beach by ourselves and stayed at her grandparents place at the Beach Club resort in Ft. Morgan.
I call it a road trip because we made detour stops on the way there and took pictures in random artsy towns.
This trip means a lot to me.
To us it was a retreat with the Lord.
We worshiped, took our time, painted even, danced around our condo every night, bought dresses one night at boutique and put them on in the car just so we could eat at a nice restaurant, and took so much stuff you would have thought a family was going on the trip.
Jessica gets me better than anyone. Keeps me sane. Shes totally opposite from me yet just alike.
I adore her. She'll always be my best friend. Even when i have to share her with Adam the rest of our lives.
This is the time of my life that id live over and over again if i could. I know I'm not romanticizing the past either. Senior year was rough at times but this was defiantly a good time in my life.
I didn't have her on my list earlier today. But shed be #11 on my thankful for list for sure.


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