Friday, February 27, 2009


ok im gonna try and explain this the best i can..

Last night i had a dream that i was driving down this road with not much on it.. kinda looked like Jack Warner Parkway in Tuscaloosa..I was sitting in the backseat though.. driving?.. no one else was in the car with me.. i didn't have hold of the steering wheel, the gas, or brake.. I drove down the road a little while and it was about sunset.. as i was going i came to a red light.. but didn't completely stop kinda yielded to it instead.. where i was turning left and these guys in a gang walked by my car and cussed at me asking why i was in the back of my car and told me how stupid i was for being there. I was really confused and before i knew it i was driving again and up a hill at this point (still a road).. it was getting darker and darker and the hill was kinda like a ramp because i realized i was pulling on to the interstate. I began to freak out because i started going extremely fast and didn't want or need to be on the interstate.. cars were coming at me and i began to pray and as i did i got turned around to face backwards to not even be able to see the direction i was going.. i remember seeing Davis Ann in my view but it was more like in my mind in the dream... but dunno where or how or why? anyways i kept praying telling the Lord that i cant see at all and that i was scared. As i was was praying this loudly He spoke back to me saying " If you need eyes I will be your eyes and if you need ears i willl be your ears" and right after He said that audibly.. I crashed into something and literally felt it in my body. I usually feel things like in my dream but i literally in real life felt this in my body and woke up from it. I felt like i had crashed into water and i was sinking.. i felt water fill up my ears and everything.. like physically felt it... weird huh.. i felt this way for only a few seconds after i woke up but then snapped out of it and fell back to sleep.. it was interesting...


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