Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lets be positive.

Davis Ann told me today that she enjoys how Erica writes down 3 things shes thankful for everyday and how she was gonna do it too. I decided today I needed to do the same thing because its too easy for me to think of negative things today.. like how Matt lives so far.. ha i know.. a real tragedy huh but a huge bummer many days... i should be really thankful that's the biggest thing i could complain about right? and that the Lords put him in my life at all...

TEN Things: Looking at the glass half full.

1. I'm thankful for my roommates for making my life fun by bring laughter into it. For beach trips with them.. and that they actually care about me sincerely. After hearing girls this summer talk about friends and roommates it made me realize how blessed i really am in the friend area.. even when i feel like i don't have any.. i always have someone i could call here i know..

2. I'm thankful for my mom who loves to send me things and surprise me just to show she cares.. I thinks gifts might be her love language that she gives out.. and i decided i think its one of the main ones i like to receive.. i mean who doesn't like gifts?.. but they always mean a lot to me..

3.I'm thankful i only have minor health issues... seriously.. allergies are way better than having a disease that could like kill me right?

4. I'm thankful for Matthew.. awww i know..

5. I'm thankful for my awesome sheets... the best ever even though i spilt a little candle wax on them last night.. oops..

6. I'm thankful that the Lord is really patient and quick to show mercy and forgiveness

7. I'm thankful for parents who pay for me to do so much like go see Matt and to have them support our relationship although the whole 8 hour thing is not practical at all... (but worth it of course)

8. I'm thankful for the 70 degree weather we are gonna have the next few days!

9. I'm thankful for comfortable things like sweatshirts and sundresses.. and for summer

10. I'm thankful I'm not color blind and can see colors.

Song for the day: I Need You by Dave Barnes


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