Friday, May 28, 2010

Web site.

Our wedding web site is done! Take a looksie :)

Oh p.s I found my dress yesterday! Im so excited. I went to move out of my house in Tuscaloosa and stopped in birmingham on the way to look at a few places... not even expecting to find one i was in a bridal store in Mountain Brook for over an hour debating between dresses.. EVERYONE of them were perfect! But.. in the end i decided that the first one i tried on was it.. now i can move on to other details.. ee! im so excited!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


WOW. I have not posted in a WHILE! and.. i have so much to update on! I have like 2 entries saved from last few days i was in Tuscaloosa that i have yet to post. Maybe those will be finished next... but first things first..
Matthew and I are getting married December 19th, 2010! I couldn't be more excited! For those of you who don't know we met in Long Beach, California working with Campus Crusade. I was a student intern for part of the summer and didn't even have a conversation with Matthew until 2 weeks before we left! We were on the same photo scavenger hunt team. We found out over those two hours running around the city together that we had a ton in common. A few days later i called my best friend from school and said " i think i really like a boy" haha saying this because I'm not one to let this happen. I had butterflies for weeks to say the least. We went on our first date a week before i let. We had a picnic on the beach, ate Lunchables, and danced in the streets of Seal Beach while singing Augustana. Going back to Alabama a week after this amazing date was ok because at the time the Lord gave me great peace in my heart about the future. Although i didnt want to miss out on someone so great, I honestly wasn't worried about it working or not working out. Considering we had only really known each other a short time, i left with the confidence that it was the Lord who directed my steps. To my surprise the Lord did have plans in store for the two of us. The last two years have ben filled with late night phone calls, and long distance drives. Its been hard at times for various reasons but the journey now has an end. Now i am blessed to have an amazing Fiance whom i love so dearly.
Three weeks ago today he proposed to me. My family had planned to go up to Fayetteville, AR for his graduation. Because he is from Texas and Im from Alabama a ten hour drive makes it hard for our families to see each other. This would be their first time to meet each other. Friday our families went hiking and hung out at Matthew's grandparents house all day (they live right outside fayetteville) That night we had a "graduation party" planned. I say this in quotations because thats what it was to my knowledge. A few weeks prior to the weekend Matt and I had talked about hanging out alone for an hour or so since we had not gotten to the past few times we were together. We planned to get ready early and ride over to this old Cathedral i had been wanted to see the last few times i was in town. While everyone was getting ready for the party we would go "scope it out and take some pictures." Well those two things we did do. Along with Matthew getting down on one knee and asking me "to be his wife". It was the sweetest thing ever. His perspective of the story is so much better. He was apparently nervous the entire time which i was oblivious to. He said a ton of sweet things which i'm not sure i can repeat back to you at this time considering the entire time he was proposing i was thinking "of my gosh he is proposing to me" over and over. It was perfect. A beautiful day enjoying the sunshine, it was simple, but sweetly romantic. I wouldn't change it at all. My reaction to him proposing was just laughter. Not at him of course but in excitement. I always laugh when im really happy, or when im nervous. That day i was both. It reminded me of when we first started dating. I laughed CONSTANTLY for those two reasons. He would always ask me why i was laughing and i couldn't give an answer. Now he knows thats just how i am. His mom gave me a sweet handkerchief with my soon to be initials on them just in case i did cry. I felt bad for not crying because so many people have asked me if i did. But its okay not everyone does i guess. Matthew didn't think i would anyways which made me feel so much better. Maybe ill get to use my handkerchief at the wedding. Anyways, i am soooo freaking excited! I love his family to death. They have been so sweet and loving to me. Our families fit really well together and there has already been talks of have family reunions together in the future. The lord has been so good to us in keeping our hearts and minds patient over the 9 hour distance we have had to endure.
The wedding is going to be at the Monte Sano State Park Lodge in Huntsville, AL. Its perfect for a winter wedding. I originally pictured myself getting married in a field of wildflowers but am loving the fact that we are doing something different more and more. I now its a little early but wedding planning has been so much fun. I think i could do it as a career ;)
Anyways in the future i will post our Wedding Web Site which will give details and Matthew's perspective on it all. Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So its been a while. Well, a week. N0t much has gone on around here. Finals and packing up my house is pretty much all I've been doing. I turned in 3 art finals last week and have one test to take tuesday and i am finished. I have lived in this house for three years now. Three of those years with Davis Ann and for 2 of them Sara has lived with us. This past weekend we collected boxes to pack up everything in our house. Its kinda bitter sweet. I have felt very un-settled where i am lately and i guess that is a good thing considering i'm moving.. Today i got a little overwhelmed with all the things i had to do. For a minute the reality of moving out and not living with Sara anymore got to me (davis ann and i will live together one more semester). Its so sad. I couldn't have asked for a better 3 years here on Caplewood. I was going to write a tribute post about our house but am not really in the mood right now. Hopefully sometime next week i will because i have some pretty awesome stories concerning helicopters, 8 police cars, cats, Mr Bill our next door neighbor and the boys who live on the other side of us. Here are a few pictures from the weekend, 2 from this time last year and one of the Basil plant Mr. Bill left on our porch for us. Ha. Gotta love him.