Tuesday, January 26, 2010

best friend blog.

Ok well, this isn't about my best friends blog. I just thought the title would be catchy if it went with my last entry. Any who. My best friend in the whole world Jessica Ryan Reeves just put up her art work on Etsy. She has only 5 paintings up there so far but she is such a talented artist that everyone should buy from! After coming to spend the night with me for a few days we were both inspired to paint more, make more, and sell more. Hopefully one day soon i too will be selling work on Etsy. The first image is a small glimpse of a painting she did a few years ago, and the 2nd is one of my favorites she has ever done. Enjoi!
Visit her Etsy shop here!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

boyfriend blog.

So my boyfriend decided to start a photo blog. He bought a camera over Christmas to use just as a hobby. I wanted to share it with everyone! Matthew has a pure eye for beauty and creativity. Im always impressed with his work and ideas. He says he is not artistic.. but i be to differ. He has been traveling a few weekends to go to job interviews and he took these first few pictures while in Indianapolis. Hope you enjoi!


Monday, January 18, 2010

patient year.

After taking 3 studio classes at a time the past 2 semesters i've found it hard to stay excited about my school work. I get stressed out about my teachers expectations when i know they would love to see what i come up with no matter if i stayed in the lines of a traditional artist or leaned toward new ideas like the avant-garde artists. Im trying not to look at my projects simply as assignments or grades but as creative projects inspired by an assignment sent to someone else? We will see if this new strategy helps me stay motivated in creating.
Im finding myself asking "Why am i an art major again?" over and over and over again.

Im almost done.
One more year.

It will be a patient year at that.

Another thing running though my head over and over.. "patience.."

Monday, January 11, 2010


Im back. Back to life in Tuscaloosa. Back to the crazy neighbors on my right and on my left Mr Bill (who looks like Creed from the office and who listens to irish folk and 80's rock really loud on the weekends; sara and i think he works for the CIA). Back to classes. And back to long distance. Back to schedule.
I had my first day of classes today. They weren't as bad as i thought. My classes will be hard but i decided to look at it as a challenge, a challenge to stand up against. I usually let things that are hard get me down but ive learned from a certain boy to look at things that are hard for me as a challenge instead of a struggle.
This is one of the many things ive learned from him.
I said in my last entry that i would write an entry overview of 2009. Ive thought about it a lot and realized i do not have much to say about the year. I don't want to be be too negative because 2009 was one of the hardest years ive had in my life.
I will say though that some of my favorite memories happened in 2009 and so with that.. here they are..

Memory #1: Love
In February 2009 Matthew told me he loved me for the first time. It was super sweet...of course me telling the whole world this could be a little cheesy but it was kinda perfect actually and ill tell anyone. We were in Memphis staying with some of his friends and i got the flu REALLY bad. He took care of me by getting up every 4 hours in the middle of the night to give me more medicine and to make sure my 102 temperature would stay down. I knew it before he even said it because i honestly have never felt more love like that before by someone because of their actions other than my mom... He didn't even have to say it to me because i knew it but he did as i was falling asleep and ill never forget it.
Being in a relationship has taught me more about God than i ever imagined it would.

Memory #2: Surprises
In April Matt surprised me for my birthday by showing up in a refrigerator box on my front porch at midnight. I almost cried because it meant so much to me. I was having a rough week and didn't think id see him anytime close to my birthday. He's good at surprises when he wants to be ;) ( i say that because he tells me most of time im getting one)

Memory #3: road trips and the coolest couple on earth
In the summer I got to take a road trip to California with him which is by far one of the best times Matt and I have had together. We saw the coolest places. Met some cool people. And were both changed by the Toiegos who are a couple we worked with out there. God taught me so much through them.

Memory #4: Roommates.
Last spring Sara and I went with Davis Ann to her beach house for a long weekend. It was just the 3 of us in her amazing house and if you know anything about the beach in February/early spring its beautiful. We talk about that weekend being so great all of the time and i honestly cant tell you why. Its not because we did anything out of the ordinary and laughed all night. It was just perfect. Peaceful and refreshing. Most defiantly in the top 3 weekends of the semester.

Spring break in Dallas with Matt's family as well as many weekends with Erica coming over and moving in our house defiantly go in my top favorite memories of 2009. Hopefully 2010 will bring so much more. The start of it has already been good although i have my feelings of dread towards school. The past 11 days God has taught me so much. Matt and I have grown even closer than before and I have to much to look forward to in living with such great people here.

As much as im not ready I am.

oh P.S. Matthew had a job interview in Nashville last weekend. He finds out i 2 weeks if he got it. I think im more nervous than he is.
We will see.

Artist of the week: The Temper Trap http://www.thetempertrap.net/Home/

Friday, January 1, 2010


Im laying on my bed listening to the most delightful mood fitting playlist ever.
(thank you Jessica Reeves and friends for helping construct a collection of music that flows together so well)

It is 2010 and it has been a good while (i mean a GOOD while) since i have posted an entry.
I think is about time i did so again.

I needed the break and think that it is now time again to write.

I will soon publish a 2009 entry but for now lets start with a short entry of my "not so much news years resolutions"
Im not the best at making resolutions and am not hard core about them because i know myself and i know i'm horrible at finishing anything but here are the things id like to accomplish in 2010.

1. Take a sewing class whether i go weekly or once this year i'm determined to sit down with a few old ladies to have them show me what they know in the sewing area.
(i got a sewing machine for christmas)
2. To volunteer at either the boys and girls club where Erica worked or visit a nursing home occasionally. I love old people but they always make me kinda weepy (not sure why) but i think it would be a fun thing to do.
3. Know God better. I mean this is a broad thing and something i should always want but really. I want a committed and undivided heart. And i know this goal will only happen with His help. I want to be a fighter of my faith.
4. Go to MORE CONCERTS. goodness. I sucked in 2009 at researching and getting myself to go.
5. Go on a road-trip with Jessica somewhere far away with little plans behind the trip.
6. Get a job by may. (lets see how that one goes)
7. Create more art. My own art. Not copies. And not class work. Be inspired by creation itself and go with it.
8. Exercise more? i mean really. I don't know if i want to even say that.
9. Have a committed night i hang out with friends outside of my house. (Davis Ann we are doing half wine half pizza every wednesday this semester right?)
10. Try to keep my room clean for more than a day. (this seems easy but its harder that it should be for me?)

Welcome back to the grammatically incorrect blog of Sarah Teague.
Last goal. Blog more.