Friday, January 1, 2010


Im laying on my bed listening to the most delightful mood fitting playlist ever.
(thank you Jessica Reeves and friends for helping construct a collection of music that flows together so well)

It is 2010 and it has been a good while (i mean a GOOD while) since i have posted an entry.
I think is about time i did so again.

I needed the break and think that it is now time again to write.

I will soon publish a 2009 entry but for now lets start with a short entry of my "not so much news years resolutions"
Im not the best at making resolutions and am not hard core about them because i know myself and i know i'm horrible at finishing anything but here are the things id like to accomplish in 2010.

1. Take a sewing class whether i go weekly or once this year i'm determined to sit down with a few old ladies to have them show me what they know in the sewing area.
(i got a sewing machine for christmas)
2. To volunteer at either the boys and girls club where Erica worked or visit a nursing home occasionally. I love old people but they always make me kinda weepy (not sure why) but i think it would be a fun thing to do.
3. Know God better. I mean this is a broad thing and something i should always want but really. I want a committed and undivided heart. And i know this goal will only happen with His help. I want to be a fighter of my faith.
4. Go to MORE CONCERTS. goodness. I sucked in 2009 at researching and getting myself to go.
5. Go on a road-trip with Jessica somewhere far away with little plans behind the trip.
6. Get a job by may. (lets see how that one goes)
7. Create more art. My own art. Not copies. And not class work. Be inspired by creation itself and go with it.
8. Exercise more? i mean really. I don't know if i want to even say that.
9. Have a committed night i hang out with friends outside of my house. (Davis Ann we are doing half wine half pizza every wednesday this semester right?)
10. Try to keep my room clean for more than a day. (this seems easy but its harder that it should be for me?)

Welcome back to the grammatically incorrect blog of Sarah Teague.
Last goal. Blog more.


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