Tuesday, January 26, 2010

best friend blog.

Ok well, this isn't about my best friends blog. I just thought the title would be catchy if it went with my last entry. Any who. My best friend in the whole world Jessica Ryan Reeves just put up her art work on Etsy. She has only 5 paintings up there so far but she is such a talented artist that everyone should buy from! After coming to spend the night with me for a few days we were both inspired to paint more, make more, and sell more. Hopefully one day soon i too will be selling work on Etsy. The first image is a small glimpse of a painting she did a few years ago, and the 2nd is one of my favorites she has ever done. Enjoi!
Visit her Etsy shop here!


L. Pioneer said...

Jessica's shop is filled with great pictures. I love it : ) and you! : )

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