Thursday, June 30, 2011


Life Update:
Last night we got the opportunity to swim & eat dinner at one of Logan's friends house. To say the home has an amazing view would be an understatement. They live out in the middle of nowhere on top of the Tennessee mountains.  I'm so amazed at Gods creation. Tennessee is gorgeous.
Today I'm doing my job of job searching. Everytime I look at jobs I feel more & more unqualified to do things. I feel like the only thing I learned in school was random information. (Which I did enjoy, just can't do anything with.) Not trying to be negative just honest. I'l find a job in just the right time right?
Tomorrow we finally get to move into our house! I couldn't be more excited. My parents, my brother Wesley, and his wife Emma are coming to help us move in. It's going to be a fun weekend.
I cannot believe it is already Independence day weekend? June slipped away quickly that's for sure.
Here are just a few pictures from last night. Side note: You can see North Carolina in the background. Also, Matthew looks like a flamingo but he's just kicking a ball. Thought I should clarify ;)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Have you seen odosketch? :) 
So fun. I know what I'll be doing this afternoon. 

Monday, June 27, 2011


bike rides. friends. river.
just a few things that went along with our first week in Tennessee. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


happy first day of summer! 
I started today with a bike ride.
This afternoon I'm job searching (boring) & eating lots of watermelon.
We may celebrate with a swim tonight.
Good thing summer makes everything more fun.
(photo via here.)

Monday, June 20, 2011


It has been a long and emotionally exhausting few days. We left Texas on Friday and made the 12 1/2 hour drive to my hometown in Alabama. We spent the night with my family and Saturday headed to Tennessee. I decided yesterday that Texas has the best roads anywhere in the united states. I know that is saying a lot. I guess I'll trade the beauty of north Alabama and east Tennessee for the roads any day. I never had any doubt about moving but the logistics of it all took some of the fun away. The stress and nervousness slowly drifted away as I drove through the Tennessee mountains while listening go Coldplay's 'Strawberry Swing'. I knew then that it was all going to be worth it.
Saturday night we started our time here with a celebration. We had dinner with old and new friends in Chattanooga at the Terminal. After that, we sat at a yogurt place by the river to watch fireworks from the Riverbend music festival going on. I don't think we could have started our time here any better.

Today Matthew started his new job. This means I am supposed to be looking for a job. So, today that it's what I am doing. Drinking a coconut latte, doing a little job searching, maybe go on a bike ride (j has a path right in front of her house), and spending much needed time with the Lord.

Matthew said about a year ago that he didn't want to be in Texas very long. I can say that he is a man of his word and didn't waste anytime getting out. So, Matthew I am so proud of you, we did it.
We are spending the 1st week & 1/2 with my best friend until we can move into our house. My wardrobe has now increased greatly. Thanks j ;) Hooray for new beginnings.
Ps. Yesterday was our 6 month anniversary. I cannot believe it has been that long.

'I remember we were walking up to strawberry swing, I can't wait 'til the morning, Wouldn't wanna change a thing, People moving all the time inside a perfectly straight line, Don't you wanna just curve away, When it's such It's such a perfect day, It's such a perfect day. Now the sky could be blue, I don't mind, Without you it's a waste of time, Could be blue I don't mind, Without you it's a waste of time.' -coldplay

Monday, June 13, 2011


As you can see here the blog has gone through quite the makeover. What do you think? I still have a few things to fix. I'm not sure why the 'labels' are in the wrong place. Who knows. I'll figure it out.

We ran out of boxes yesterday and have to get more. We are very close to being done so this is a good excuse for us to play today.

Here is my ideal day:
Breakfast date with Matthew while we spend time with Jesus.
Go get feather hair extensions. (Yes, I'm totally giving into the trend. Eveytime a girl walked in our store with them in I got jealous.)
We may take another trip to IKEA so I can show Matthew a rug. (I know he is thrilled about that one. Hehe.)
It will be 100 degrees today so swimming is in there somewhere.
And we are ending the night out with Matthew's parents at Blue Goose. (A mexican restaurant.)

Move countdown: 4 days!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Just five random things:
1. Check out the awesome Cactus plant I bought today. Good thing they are low maintenance because she will be our little travel buddy come this weekend. 2. One thing I will miss about this area is how EXTREMELY nice, new, and convenient everything is. Seriously every store you could ever dream of is within a 5 mile radius of each other. This is good & bad. I did end up going to IKEA. Apparently everyone likes to go there on Sundays. It was packed. I guess its okay because it led me to not buy as much as I could. I wanted to get out of there. 3. Our house is a wreck. It was foolish of me to think that I could pack up our 600 sq. ft apartment in a orderly fashion. I am determined to get it done by tomorrow. 4. Ulta called me today and wanted to know if I was still coming in to get my hair and makeup done. Ha. I dunno why this was so funny to me.  Considering I have not worn the slightest bit of make-up in a week they have the wrong person. 5. I bought pretzel M&M's today for the first time in a long time. It annoys me that they only put like 5 pieces in a bag & call it a serving. It's never enough. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?
Again, this is just another random post this week.
Move countdown: 5 days.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today I did a whole lot of packing. At the rate I'm going I'll be done tomorrow night. It feels good to have something accomplished. The move still doesn't feel real but seeing boxes all over our living room is helping. Matthew is feeling a little better. He did sleep almost the entire day today. His mom got me the magazines in the picture to keep me occupied so I don't go crazy hanging out here. I already have a few home ideas from one of them. The other picture is of a map we got while we were in Austin. We thought it would be cool if we had a map of every state we live in. This is the first in the collection. I'm excited to hang in in our new house.

Tomorrow I may take a trip to IKEA. We literally live like 10 minutes away from it. I know that will never happen again so I have to take advantage of it while its there.
Anyways, this is just a late night random post.
P.S. Have I mentioned Fleet Foxes Pandora station is awesome? It's been out go to this week.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Things I want to do more:
1. sing 2. sew 3. paint 4. go to shows 5. serve 6. cook & bake 7. read 8. exercise 9. swim 10. pray 11. go to the farmers market 12. ride bikes & not drive our cars 13. pick flowers 14. write letters 15. spend less money 16. give 17. write in my journal 18. swing 19. go outside 20. take pictures 

Yesterday I had a 'why the heck have I not been doing the things I love moment' the things that make me happy and make up part of who I am. Living near J will bring the creativity back in me. I just know it. I'm not big on new years resolutions but maybe the move will mark a new start to the creative side in me. There are so many things I want to do & need to do more.

Matthew was up the ENTIRE night last night throwing up. Poor thing. We went to the hospital this morning (we like to be extra careful because he has type one diabetes). The 3 hours there were worth it to him because of the meds he was given. He was supposed to work today (& I'm sad he is sick) but I'm happy he now gets to spend the day with me. We are going to go lay on his parents couch and watch cable. (& maybe I will even swim!) It's the little things right? :)
Anyways I'm finished with work and it is packing from here on out! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

P.S Did I mention we now have a home to live in? :) Yippee! I'm off to look for home inspiration. Where else do you go other than Anthropologie for inspiration? Here is a photo from their latest catalog. Also, why do they do everything so perfect?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Five random thoughts for this Wednesday:
1. Most of you know my love for the LBC but THIS little article made me love it even more. I'm not a crazy bike fanatic but I really do appreciate their view on bikers in the city.
2. J has been awesome to us during our move. She is looking at a house for us today. I sure hope it is what we want it to be on the inside. If not, thats okay too. I'm awaiting her phone call. Eeek!
3. I need new Christian music {that doesn't sound like all the rest.} I'll take suggestions if you know of a cool band i'm missing out on.
4. I decided after our trip I want a Kayak. Good thing we are moving to a city with lots of rivers near by.
5. Like the LBC, I appreciate Chattanooga for many things. This website is for the state of TN but check out all the fun things we can do this summer HERE.
(pretty, fun, & summery picture from THIS blog.)


This past Sunday we made the trip to Austin, TX for our 6 month/3 year dating anniversary. They both fall in the same week so we figured it was a perfect excuse for a little getaway.
On Monday we started the day with Texas shaped waffles. They were pretty awesome and I'm sad I didn't get a picture. After breakfast we made a trip to the Capitol building, drove through the University of Texas, then stopped by at a famous bike shop for Matthew. We ended up eating lunch at a fish taco place that we later remembered was the same place we ate at during our 1yr anniversary in Santa Barbara, CA. Seriously, kinda cool huh? That afternoon we headed to Barton Springs where we rented kayaks. We met up with Blanton a little later who is one of Matthew's college friends. We got snow cones and he showed us around some cool areas in the city. The city is filled with so many things to do. I didn't really know what to expect but I was surprised at how urban it was. In a way it reminded me of the west coast. Basically I loved Austin and overall it was the perfect overnight trip.
P.S we kinda failed at taking pictures while we were there. Oh well.
Also, we move in like a week!? craaazy.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


The past week has been a good one. Thursday morning Matthew & I got up & went on a walk to the park so we could swing. I would be okay if the first house we move into has a swing set just for me. Friday we both worked then went to eat dinner over at Matthews parents house. We have enjoyed hanging out with them so much. It really is a bitter-sweet move. It's going to be sad when they are not just a drive away. After dinner we went swimming. Night swimming is one of the only positive things about the southern summer heat. One of the negatives is that it messes with my sinuses. My allergies started acting up late last night so I woke up this morning feeling a little rough. Allergies ruin everything.
Matthew has to work at a skateboard contest today and I now have a certain Avril Lavigne song stuck in my head from 9th grade. I am hoping it doesn't last all day. Before he took off we had a Panera date this morning. For the record, I like him a whole bunch. Going on dates with him is fun even if they are at 8am on a Saturday.
In other news: 1.) I've been playing Tetris quite a bit the past few weeks.. ya know the geometric shape game from the 80's? I'm to level 13 out of 15. I'm pretty pumped. 2.) We still do not have a place to live but are just going with it. We won't be homeless. 3.) Tomorrow night we leave for Austin. We have about five days worth of things we want to do & will be doing it all in less than two days. Let's just say we are more than excited. Only thing we are not excited about is the fact that it will be 102 degrees while we are there. Hellooo summertime.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Its hard for me to believe we are moving in two weeks but I am feeling more confident about it.
I read a quote on twitter the other day that started with this.. 'anxiousness takes pride'.. i have not stopped thinking about it. It does take pride.. & it takes self dependence. Self-dependence is not how I am called to live. This humbling truth reminds me that my dependency is to be upon the sovereignty of Christ no matter what the issue is.
'And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.' Philippines 4:19. 
..meaning the Spiritual, the physical, all of them. This truth makes me smile.
I am going to continue in my pursuit of job hunting and house hunting but with confidence & peace. 
Im looking forward to the weekends when Jess, Logan, Matthew, & I will take trips to the Blue Hole, ride bikes, and hike to the waterfalls. Thinking about this also makes me smile. Yippee!
I. love. summer. 
{Here are two of my favorite pictures from last summer. Too bad Isa & Courtney won't be in TN this summer too.}