Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Five random thoughts for this Wednesday:
1. Most of you know my love for the LBC but THIS little article made me love it even more. I'm not a crazy bike fanatic but I really do appreciate their view on bikers in the city.
2. J has been awesome to us during our move. She is looking at a house for us today. I sure hope it is what we want it to be on the inside. If not, thats okay too. I'm awaiting her phone call. Eeek!
3. I need new Christian music {that doesn't sound like all the rest.} I'll take suggestions if you know of a cool band i'm missing out on.
4. I decided after our trip I want a Kayak. Good thing we are moving to a city with lots of rivers near by.
5. Like the LBC, I appreciate Chattanooga for many things. This website is for the state of TN but check out all the fun things we can do this summer HERE.
(pretty, fun, & summery picture from THIS blog.)


katiewake said...

I'm so excited for your move! You are going to LOVE Chattanooga. It is only an hour away from my hometown of Scottsboro, AL, and we visited a lot growing up. Good luck with everything!!!

im Sarah kathryn ♥ said...

thanks katie! :) we are so excited! and the house was a yes!

SPW said...

hi hey hi. you are cuter.

i sent you an email :).

lub yew.

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