Monday, June 13, 2011


As you can see here the blog has gone through quite the makeover. What do you think? I still have a few things to fix. I'm not sure why the 'labels' are in the wrong place. Who knows. I'll figure it out.

We ran out of boxes yesterday and have to get more. We are very close to being done so this is a good excuse for us to play today.

Here is my ideal day:
Breakfast date with Matthew while we spend time with Jesus.
Go get feather hair extensions. (Yes, I'm totally giving into the trend. Eveytime a girl walked in our store with them in I got jealous.)
We may take another trip to IKEA so I can show Matthew a rug. (I know he is thrilled about that one. Hehe.)
It will be 100 degrees today so swimming is in there somewhere.
And we are ending the night out with Matthew's parents at Blue Goose. (A mexican restaurant.)

Move countdown: 4 days!


sandra king said...

love the new lay out:)

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