Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today I did a whole lot of packing. At the rate I'm going I'll be done tomorrow night. It feels good to have something accomplished. The move still doesn't feel real but seeing boxes all over our living room is helping. Matthew is feeling a little better. He did sleep almost the entire day today. His mom got me the magazines in the picture to keep me occupied so I don't go crazy hanging out here. I already have a few home ideas from one of them. The other picture is of a map we got while we were in Austin. We thought it would be cool if we had a map of every state we live in. This is the first in the collection. I'm excited to hang in in our new house.

Tomorrow I may take a trip to IKEA. We literally live like 10 minutes away from it. I know that will never happen again so I have to take advantage of it while its there.
Anyways, this is just a late night random post.
P.S. Have I mentioned Fleet Foxes Pandora station is awesome? It's been out go to this week.


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