Thursday, July 29, 2010


OK. I loved this. (seriously makes me giggle.) That is all.
{found here!}

Monday, July 26, 2010


I've been reading the book Radical by David Platt. I have heard him preach on "The Radical Experiment" before but this book is rocking my world. If you are a Christian or Non-Christian its a good book to read. It exposes the way we have twisted Christianity to our liking and live life for ourselves. It tells the Gospel of Christ and shows our desperate need for God. Since reading it i feel the gracious love of God for me. PLEASE read it.
Here is the website... and this video is a clip with David Platt speaking about what's in the book.


SOOO. I mentioned a few posts ago that Matthew and I took engagement pictures while in Texas.
Here is a little preview! When i get the actual CD of our pictures i'll share some more!
Thanks Wesley and Emma at W+E Photographie for squeezing in a shoot with so much going on!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Jessica and I got the chance to see Amos Lee in Asheville this past Thursday night.
He was AMAZING. This is a video i found on Youtube from the same concert!
Im going to post pictures from our trip in a few days but until then here's to good music.
(His voice is sexy... just sayin..hehehe)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

road trip.

J and I are headed to Asheville, NC for a few days! Update on Friday!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So a few weeks ago Jessica, Isabelle, Courtney and I were talking about our kids names. Ya know like every girl does even before they are close to getting married. We were talking about giving our kids names that sound good. Names that would sound good announced out loud at the oscars or a name that would look good written in a magazine. Jessica said "a name that if they were famous their name would look good on a book and a name that they wouldn't have to change if they happen to become famous." This carried the conversation to "branding" your children. Ha. We were sitting in a restaurant while all this was going down. The couple behind us was listening in on our convo and started laughing at us. I admit, it would have been funny to overhear everything we were saying. Jessica says that when she has kids, even before they are born, she wants to create a logo for them. Just to see if it will look good. Hilarious i know. Well.. the other day i stumbled upon this picture.. All i saw was "Matthew." so.. I copied it to my computer simply because it was my fiances name. I didn't give it another look till a few days ago... what do you know! Its a logo/birth announcement for a baby! Someone already had the same thoughts as Jessica. So here is "Matthew's" logo. Sweet huh? And pretty clever.
And its done on the printing press!
(Found on Share Some Candy by Artist Allan Peters)

Monday, July 19, 2010


On days that i write a blog entry it seems i always want to write 4..I wait a few days and write 4 more.
I found this print shop on line the other day. The Poster Cabaret out of Austin, TX.
I had the opportunity to take a Print Making class 2 semesters ago and LOVED it. (you may remember my entry about my Bike print) I have such a respect and appreciation for art that is made in a timeless and classic way. Hand made.
I want to start buying hand printed posters like this bike one. Im going have an art wall (like all hand made prints) in Matthew and my house. (Eek! that sounds crazy! and exciting!)

This is a screen print done by Robert Lee with Methane Studios.

I've also been dreaming over this print done by Jeanie Nelson. LOVE the detail and colors.
(found via this cool type company)

happy monday!

Today is Monday.
Im sitting at Panera eating my very first "reward" from them. That's right Panera now has a rewards card! Your first reward after opening the free card was some kind of pastry. So, here i am drinking Hazelnut coffee (which is my favorite!) and a scone.
Great start to a Monday morning.
Since today is Monday, it also means that it has been exactly a week since i have seen Matthew. Seems like a month has past already. It also means that i have 33 more days to wait to see him again.

On this Monday morning i have been thinking about something that i have not blogged about before. I am not sure why i have not blogged about this previously but... I admit i am a Twilight fan.. more like fanatic.. maybe that word is a little strong but whatever. I LOVE them.. I love the movies. I also love the books. I know there are people who wonder why the heck you would ever pay to watch one of the movies but.... most of these critics are boys!... from my experience at least.. and what i have to say about that is.. the books were made for teenage girls! Not 20 year old men who want to critic the stunt scenes. Ha. OK. Yes, that was a vent. But really...
Also, just to add and so that everyone knows.. i am on Team Edward! I love Jacob.. feel bad for him.. and think he is a doll.. but i am totally for Rob Pattinson. I also have a minor girl crush on Kristen Stewart. I LOVE her. She is awkward.. but i appreciate that about her. I appreciate that she loves what she does and does not do it for the fame. She's pretty cool in my opinion. Plus.. she dresses awesome. She is (i admit) one of the reasons i have gotten into reading the tabloids as i stand in the grocery store line. Can you believe she is only 20!? I was shocked when i read this.. The other Twilight character that i love is Ashley Greene.
I feel a little creepy saying all of this but admit it.. everyone has celebrity crushes :) ...what's yours?...
In closing... Happy Monday and here are some good ol' Kristen Stewart photographs!

p.s. I think this was the "girliest" post i have ever written. Just maybe.

Friday, July 16, 2010


found HERE. By Katie Daisy on Share Some Candy.
(which just fyi is the BEST design and art blog!)
(And HERE is her website!.)

summer beauty.

these are for j.
good ol' Marilyn
{via this blogie.}


(taken by my beautiful friend Sandra)

Life has been good lately but I will say it has felt a little chaotic.

Little things have happened to me to make it feel that way.

Its one of those times where I see and feel that the world and everything in it is way bigger than anything I am.

The things that I have complained about and felt pain over lately are kind insignificant compared to the rest of the things going on in the world and going on in other peoples lives…

my good friend Megan’s mom has been battling breast cancer and was in remission. She went to the doc for a check up and was told it had spread to her Lungs and lymph nodes etc.. (That’s something you can be praying for, for sure) It hurts my heart so much.

I listened to NPR on the way back to TN. I listened to people talk about the war for about an hour and nothing about it felt encouraging.

Later that night I got to read an article about some friends who were in a terrorist attack bombing in Africa. The grace of God is good though. All 8 of them are ok but saw some crazy stuff go on. You can read the story here. Praise God for his protection.

Now to add to it all I was also told a story about my friend’s friend who died last weekend. All of this came on me in the matter of 24 hours. With the knowledge of all this information I have a choice. A choice to be scared and in fear or to put my hope in the one who is in control of life itself.

Its not always easy, but I do know He is trustworthy.

I read a blog entry from a Campus Crusade staff member on Peace yesterday.. Here is a clip from Justin’s post.

“3You keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on you,
because he trusts in you.

4Trust in the LORD forever,
for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.”

-Isaiah 26:3-4

When we trust in God, He puts our mind at peace (3v.). It is not a mental game, it is not New Age positive-thinking, nor is it a coping tool. When we truly entrust God with our lives, souls, day’s work, family life, dreams, problems, insecurities, past pain, fear, hopes, positions, speech, money, relationships, etc. He sets us at peace about it.

How does this work? The ancient Hebrew word ‘peace’ carries a different meaning than the meaning we commonly associate with ‘peace’ today. Today we see ‘peace’ as the absence of conflict. However, peace in this passage is the Hebrew word shalom, which means peace by experiencing the presence of God in your situation. Not the absence of conflict, but rather the overwhelmingly calm feeling of knowing God is with us regardless of conflict or problems we face. Life and circumstances will change, Verse 4 assures us God will not be changing, He is the Rock to trust in.

For we all know and have experienced, trusting in Jesus doesn’t just erase our issues, conflicts or problems. But when we trust Jesus in our problems, we do have the confidence that God is guiding us and with us to walk through those problems. Let us pursue shalom today.

(Here is his blog link)

Ok so that was basically his entire entry but I thought it was really good.

Today I have to have peace or the presence of God fill me when all else is coming apart around me. He is good. He is faithful. He is righteous. And He has overcome the world!

Oh and He’s coming back!!!!! :)

In this I rejoice today!

It definitely puts a smile on my face in the midst of the chaos.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

just because.

this made me happy. and in my favorite color blue.
{found on one of my FAVORITE blogs.}

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Music has played a huge role in my life. Like.. my whole life. I remember dancing around my back yard (alone) singing to Alanis Morrisette at the age of about 7. Laying in bed listening to Jewel on my walk-man. And listening to No Doubt's "Im Just a Girl" on repeat because i totally thought i knew how she felt and could relate to her lyrics.
So i've been known to be a "music snob" for the majority of my life. But for me its more than what i think sounds good. Its more than what's "underground" and "cool". Music has always made me feel something. It is linked to most every big memory in my life. Last week on my ride home to Decatur from Cleveland i put my Ipod on shuffle. Almost every song that came on had a memory tied to it for some reason or another. I even remember scenes from the "O.C" based of what song came on in the background (pretty sad huh? yes, a little embarrassing)
I love and hate this about myself. I sometimes do just want a song to be a song. In the end i guess i am thankful that i feel music. That i feel and remember. It helped me in dance in high school.. to actually feel the music i was moving to.
The Lord knows this about me best of course. He used music as a way to speak to me and open my blind eyes to the revelation of the life He gives. (Thats a long story short for another day)
Anyways, the whole reason for me posting this entry was because i found a CD from 9th grade under my bed yesterday. I played in on the way to the grocery store and this is what i discovered:
A look into the life of the 14 year old Sarah Kathryn Teague.

"Sarah's Mix: Jam's from 9th grade" (as written on the CD itself)

1. 50 cent (ya know the one that was super popular in 2003)
2. 50 cent (I don't even know)
3. Eminem
4. Depressing Dashboard Confessionals song #1
5. Depressing Dashboard Confessionals song #2
6. Depressing Dashboard Confessionals song #3
7. Jack Johnson?
8. Jack Johnson Bubbly Toes
9. John Mayer acoustic (LOVE)
10. Matt Ryczek "Its been so long"
11. "Back to You" by John Mayer Acoustic version
12. Matt Ryczek "She's a Mystery"
13. Scratched so i don't know. (typical)
14. One phrase (its a rap song): "Uh huh, Ok, wuz up, shut up"
15. Too awful and embarrassing to admit.
16. Our Lady Peace
17. Keith Urban "Raining on Sunday"
18. Evan Essence
19. Switchfoot "Learning to breathe" (from the walk to remember soundtrack)

Ok. First of all I will say that i died laughing at myself once i played the CD all the way through. its pretty funny. And 2nd of all since i am a "music snob" or whatever... i am not proud of this list at all. Maybe I am a little proud of the John Mayer because he wasn't even that popular at this point but other than that I feel pretty lame. Im surprised there were not more country songs mixed in with the rap ones. Don't get me wrong i still love country but gah. I guess everyone goes through the awful mix stage? With every CD being Country, Rap, Country, Rap, Country Rap.. Im just going to tell myself that. I also apologize if you are still one of those people ;)
A few things I probably would have put on the CD if it would have fit from my Freshman Year of high school would have been: Avril, Vanessa Carlton, Jimmy Eat World (which i still proudly listen to), and Ben Harper.
Times have changed. I still listen to some of my old time favorites but my music library has grown in the thousands since then. My eyes have been opened and i have been enlightened by other music connoisseurs and my music genres now go beyond types of radio stations. And for this i am thankful.


I got home from Texas late last night.
Im not sure if i wrote about why i went but if i didn't here is an overview of the weekend.
My brother wesley and emma are getting married and had a shower at Emma's best friends house in Flower Mound, Texas. Cute name huh? Its right outside of where Emma is from. It is also very close to where Matthew is from. Thankfully this gave me a free trip out to visit after a long 8 weeks apart.
Friday night my mom dropped me off at Matthew's family's house and the two of us drove around my soon to be home. Matt lives in Plano, TX and works in Frisco, Tx. We looked at apartments, got Starbucks, and daydreamed about living in a new city together. Just riding around in the car together isn't something we get to do often. Its little moments like that that i appreciate after being in a 2 year long long distance relationship.
On Saturday we woke up to an amazing breakfast cooked by Matthew's mom. We got ready for the day early because Matthew had to work at noon till 8 or 9 ALL WEEKEND. How lame is that? We got in the car and drove around again to look at some possible engagement photo shoot places. Matthew went to work and i spent the day with my family/Emma's family and going to the wedding shower.
On Sunday we woke up early again to have our engagement photos taken by Wesley and Emma (remember they're the photographers). We took them on my favorite road in Plano and in McKinny, Tx. The pictures above are from there. The town is very historical and filled with charm. It has a TON of antique stores and shops. We could have spent all day there. Sadly we had to get back for Matthew to go to work. I guess i have something to look forward to when i get there. Lots of exploring to do in the little towns outside of Dallas. The rest of the day was spent shopping around with Matthew's mom, my mom, my sister, and Wesley in Frisco.
A little fact about Frisco is that it has EVERYTHING you would ever need within one mile from each other. Its crazy. We have nothing like that anywhere in Alabama. The Target, the (massive) mall, the TJ Max, hobby lobby, wal-mart, organic grocery stores, every food place you can imagine, etc, etc, etc.... Are ALL next to each other. Its crazy. And all new. This I'm looking forward to and dreading all at the same time. Convenient yes. But tempting yes.
Im happy to say that it was a great weekend. But sad to of had to leave it.
Just to be honest i have not been too happy about the time apart lately. I mean who would but planning a wedding would be way more fun if i got to share the time with the one i was getting married to. (ok. I know throw me a pitty party, but it really does stink) Still remembering to be thankful of the little time and the little moments. And that i will be that much more appreciative of time together when we are married.
Days until i see him next. 38.
This is also the number of days until Wesley and Emma get married.
Which i am SO thrilled about. Its going to be a happy! day.
Im headed back to Cleveland tomorrow to finish up my last 2 weeks summer with nothing to do. I can't wait to get back and spend time with j, Logan, GisseleDivaPup, the Ocoee river, and our bikes.
Until Then,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ryan adams acoustic.

my music preference: Ryan Adams
He is a musical genius. Not just a musician but a poet. 
Love this sweet little song. Its calm. 

Will you say to me a little rains gonna come
When the sky can't offer none to me
Cause I will come for you
When my days are through
And I'll let your smile just off and carry me 

last looks.

Because we have a moment here
let me tell you that I have recently become a secret connoisseur of 'last looks'.
You know the way people look at you when they believe it's for the last time?
I've started collecting these looks.
(image found here)

On the 4th of July i spent the day on the river with my family.
I layed in bed that night and watched elizabethtown.
Its always been a favorite of mine and watching it made me realize it was perfect timing.
In other news. My computer was taken to Panera and a random girl spilt coffee on it. Sad.
Its currently being fixed. Thanks sister for sharing.
Im leaving for Texas on Friday. I have not seen my Fiancee in 8weeks and couldnt be more ready.
Im also moving there when we get married in December.
Good thing i love Texas.
Ive talked to my good friends a lot latley it seems.
Gabielle called. I talked to Davis An a while. Sandra stopped by. And I had coffee with Megan Hudson.
All within 2 days.
Thats almost half of my bridesmaids.
(As a side note.. everytime i think of my bridal party i get excited. I have the most beautiful people in my life)
The Lord has really blessed me with them. Its brought so much joy to my heart.
I need to update more in depth soon but maybe i will when i get back from the weekend.
Until then.