Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I got home from Texas late last night.
Im not sure if i wrote about why i went but if i didn't here is an overview of the weekend.
My brother wesley and emma are getting married and had a shower at Emma's best friends house in Flower Mound, Texas. Cute name huh? Its right outside of where Emma is from. It is also very close to where Matthew is from. Thankfully this gave me a free trip out to visit after a long 8 weeks apart.
Friday night my mom dropped me off at Matthew's family's house and the two of us drove around my soon to be home. Matt lives in Plano, TX and works in Frisco, Tx. We looked at apartments, got Starbucks, and daydreamed about living in a new city together. Just riding around in the car together isn't something we get to do often. Its little moments like that that i appreciate after being in a 2 year long long distance relationship.
On Saturday we woke up to an amazing breakfast cooked by Matthew's mom. We got ready for the day early because Matthew had to work at noon till 8 or 9 ALL WEEKEND. How lame is that? We got in the car and drove around again to look at some possible engagement photo shoot places. Matthew went to work and i spent the day with my family/Emma's family and going to the wedding shower.
On Sunday we woke up early again to have our engagement photos taken by Wesley and Emma (remember they're the photographers). We took them on my favorite road in Plano and in McKinny, Tx. The pictures above are from there. The town is very historical and filled with charm. It has a TON of antique stores and shops. We could have spent all day there. Sadly we had to get back for Matthew to go to work. I guess i have something to look forward to when i get there. Lots of exploring to do in the little towns outside of Dallas. The rest of the day was spent shopping around with Matthew's mom, my mom, my sister, and Wesley in Frisco.
A little fact about Frisco is that it has EVERYTHING you would ever need within one mile from each other. Its crazy. We have nothing like that anywhere in Alabama. The Target, the (massive) mall, the TJ Max, hobby lobby, wal-mart, organic grocery stores, every food place you can imagine, etc, etc, etc.... Are ALL next to each other. Its crazy. And all new. This I'm looking forward to and dreading all at the same time. Convenient yes. But tempting yes.
Im happy to say that it was a great weekend. But sad to of had to leave it.
Just to be honest i have not been too happy about the time apart lately. I mean who would but planning a wedding would be way more fun if i got to share the time with the one i was getting married to. (ok. I know throw me a pitty party, but it really does stink) Still remembering to be thankful of the little time and the little moments. And that i will be that much more appreciative of time together when we are married.
Days until i see him next. 38.
This is also the number of days until Wesley and Emma get married.
Which i am SO thrilled about. Its going to be a happy! day.
Im headed back to Cleveland tomorrow to finish up my last 2 weeks summer with nothing to do. I can't wait to get back and spend time with j, Logan, GisseleDivaPup, the Ocoee river, and our bikes.
Until Then,


L. Pioneer said...

best blog post ever...minus our engagement one! i had a wonderful weekend with you love and miss u tons already

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