Monday, July 19, 2010

happy monday!

Today is Monday.
Im sitting at Panera eating my very first "reward" from them. That's right Panera now has a rewards card! Your first reward after opening the free card was some kind of pastry. So, here i am drinking Hazelnut coffee (which is my favorite!) and a scone.
Great start to a Monday morning.
Since today is Monday, it also means that it has been exactly a week since i have seen Matthew. Seems like a month has past already. It also means that i have 33 more days to wait to see him again.

On this Monday morning i have been thinking about something that i have not blogged about before. I am not sure why i have not blogged about this previously but... I admit i am a Twilight fan.. more like fanatic.. maybe that word is a little strong but whatever. I LOVE them.. I love the movies. I also love the books. I know there are people who wonder why the heck you would ever pay to watch one of the movies but.... most of these critics are boys!... from my experience at least.. and what i have to say about that is.. the books were made for teenage girls! Not 20 year old men who want to critic the stunt scenes. Ha. OK. Yes, that was a vent. But really...
Also, just to add and so that everyone knows.. i am on Team Edward! I love Jacob.. feel bad for him.. and think he is a doll.. but i am totally for Rob Pattinson. I also have a minor girl crush on Kristen Stewart. I LOVE her. She is awkward.. but i appreciate that about her. I appreciate that she loves what she does and does not do it for the fame. She's pretty cool in my opinion. Plus.. she dresses awesome. She is (i admit) one of the reasons i have gotten into reading the tabloids as i stand in the grocery store line. Can you believe she is only 20!? I was shocked when i read this.. The other Twilight character that i love is Ashley Greene.
I feel a little creepy saying all of this but admit it.. everyone has celebrity crushes :) ...what's yours?...
In closing... Happy Monday and here are some good ol' Kristen Stewart photographs!

p.s. I think this was the "girliest" post i have ever written. Just maybe.


L. Pioneer said...

girliest post!!!! i love it..can i come out and say that as a 22 year old man I like twilight?

Anna said...

ha i love it sarah! I love twilight too! :)

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