Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Music has played a huge role in my life. Like.. my whole life. I remember dancing around my back yard (alone) singing to Alanis Morrisette at the age of about 7. Laying in bed listening to Jewel on my walk-man. And listening to No Doubt's "Im Just a Girl" on repeat because i totally thought i knew how she felt and could relate to her lyrics.
So i've been known to be a "music snob" for the majority of my life. But for me its more than what i think sounds good. Its more than what's "underground" and "cool". Music has always made me feel something. It is linked to most every big memory in my life. Last week on my ride home to Decatur from Cleveland i put my Ipod on shuffle. Almost every song that came on had a memory tied to it for some reason or another. I even remember scenes from the "O.C" based of what song came on in the background (pretty sad huh? yes, a little embarrassing)
I love and hate this about myself. I sometimes do just want a song to be a song. In the end i guess i am thankful that i feel music. That i feel and remember. It helped me in dance in high school.. to actually feel the music i was moving to.
The Lord knows this about me best of course. He used music as a way to speak to me and open my blind eyes to the revelation of the life He gives. (Thats a long story short for another day)
Anyways, the whole reason for me posting this entry was because i found a CD from 9th grade under my bed yesterday. I played in on the way to the grocery store and this is what i discovered:
A look into the life of the 14 year old Sarah Kathryn Teague.

"Sarah's Mix: Jam's from 9th grade" (as written on the CD itself)

1. 50 cent (ya know the one that was super popular in 2003)
2. 50 cent (I don't even know)
3. Eminem
4. Depressing Dashboard Confessionals song #1
5. Depressing Dashboard Confessionals song #2
6. Depressing Dashboard Confessionals song #3
7. Jack Johnson?
8. Jack Johnson Bubbly Toes
9. John Mayer acoustic (LOVE)
10. Matt Ryczek "Its been so long"
11. "Back to You" by John Mayer Acoustic version
12. Matt Ryczek "She's a Mystery"
13. Scratched so i don't know. (typical)
14. One phrase (its a rap song): "Uh huh, Ok, wuz up, shut up"
15. Too awful and embarrassing to admit.
16. Our Lady Peace
17. Keith Urban "Raining on Sunday"
18. Evan Essence
19. Switchfoot "Learning to breathe" (from the walk to remember soundtrack)

Ok. First of all I will say that i died laughing at myself once i played the CD all the way through. its pretty funny. And 2nd of all since i am a "music snob" or whatever... i am not proud of this list at all. Maybe I am a little proud of the John Mayer because he wasn't even that popular at this point but other than that I feel pretty lame. Im surprised there were not more country songs mixed in with the rap ones. Don't get me wrong i still love country but gah. I guess everyone goes through the awful mix stage? With every CD being Country, Rap, Country, Rap, Country Rap.. Im just going to tell myself that. I also apologize if you are still one of those people ;)
A few things I probably would have put on the CD if it would have fit from my Freshman Year of high school would have been: Avril, Vanessa Carlton, Jimmy Eat World (which i still proudly listen to), and Ben Harper.
Times have changed. I still listen to some of my old time favorites but my music library has grown in the thousands since then. My eyes have been opened and i have been enlightened by other music connoisseurs and my music genres now go beyond types of radio stations. And for this i am thankful.


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