Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So a few weeks ago Jessica, Isabelle, Courtney and I were talking about our kids names. Ya know like every girl does even before they are close to getting married. We were talking about giving our kids names that sound good. Names that would sound good announced out loud at the oscars or a name that would look good written in a magazine. Jessica said "a name that if they were famous their name would look good on a book and a name that they wouldn't have to change if they happen to become famous." This carried the conversation to "branding" your children. Ha. We were sitting in a restaurant while all this was going down. The couple behind us was listening in on our convo and started laughing at us. I admit, it would have been funny to overhear everything we were saying. Jessica says that when she has kids, even before they are born, she wants to create a logo for them. Just to see if it will look good. Hilarious i know. Well.. the other day i stumbled upon this picture.. All i saw was "Matthew." so.. I copied it to my computer simply because it was my fiances name. I didn't give it another look till a few days ago... what do you know! Its a logo/birth announcement for a baby! Someone already had the same thoughts as Jessica. So here is "Matthew's" logo. Sweet huh? And pretty clever.
And its done on the printing press!
(Found on Share Some Candy by Artist Allan Peters)


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