Tuesday, February 17, 2009

avoiding design homework.

entry #2 today.

since all of my friends have been making lists on their blogs i thought of one i should make..

It seems like everything is changing all the time and nothing does stays the same so i thought id make a list of constant things in my life.

Here they are....
"Sarah's List of 7 Constant Things"

1. God of course... everything about him
2. Me missing Matthew.. all the time.. i mean.. all the time...no exaggeration..
3. My love for music
4. Me always being or finding a way to be distracted from doing what i need or have to do (example: writing this entry while i should be doing school work)
5. My ability to be content with not having anything to do at all.. ever (good and bad thing all at once)
6. My inability to say what i mean without using a few hundred words before i actually make it to the point to what i actually am trying to say.. if you understand what i am saying.. (ha)
7. And last.. my inability to play any kinda of sport. I'm athletically challenged. Always been that way and always will be i think.

the end.


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