Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Breakfast Club

A few random things..

1st off... My drawing 210 class is like a modern day Breakfast Club. No joke. Its the most entertaining class. I mean usually, lets be honest, art classes have a strange few people here and there but my class is the funniest, weirdest, most diverse class I've been in. Ever.
While we draw my teacher tells stories from his crazy 70's adventures in college, life in Mississippi, and tells us the most random facts i would have never gotten knowledge of had i been elsewhere. (example today i learned about pirates) I swear I've learned about life in every area past and present already this semester. He has covered it all. He has these huge (which could now be indie cool now) glasses he wears, a mustache, and hair longer than mine. Hes great and quite a character.
The rest of the class is composed of a 2 sorority girls, one which i love and have had class with before. She is the most spacey person I've ever met and tells me something new shes lost every class. Then theres the quiet teachers pet girl who's kinda plain, sweet and really good at everything she does, and my friend Kristen from Dallas who's really cool, loves fashion, and appreciates music like i do. Then there are all the boys: one frat guy hippie who is so chill and can draw ridiculously well, a 27 yea old professional baseball player who comes to school in the off season, and about 5 other characters who are hard to even explain... oh man. Seriously.... one of them seems like he wants to be European with the way he dresses, talks about wine, and wears his slicked back ponytail.. he came in class with an old man cane today and said he had it because he something on his foot... i dunno. One guy who you can tell is the master of all video games who also has long blond hair and should have lived in the 90's. And then theres Eric.. he likes to sit crouched on the floor to do his work, he sometimes wears old army gear and is really tall and skinny, sweet, but different, and is ALWAYS covered in either paint or charcoal head to toe face included.
We have a lot of laughing go on in that class.. for many reasons.
Its one of those classes i wish someone could sit and watch because i know it would have to be somewhat entertaining to watch, or at least listen to.

2ndly.. I remembered earlier that i had a dream about a terrorist attack on America last night, like war almost breaking out on our front. Hm. All i remember is being freaked out and watching the news to see what Obama had to say...

3rdly.. We are talking about tongues tonight at bible study. oh goodie. haha fun times. Makes me miss Bill

4thly.. I decided today Tracy Reece in my favorite fashion designer at the moment and it makes miss Jessica because looking through her designs makes me think of the times we would look up Kenzie and other designers in high school

5thly.. Im so tired i could fall asleep anywhere right now.

Song for the Day: God is Good by ETWC


Ginger Alien said...

wow, this post was like a train wreck of grammatical errors. Your class does sound fun, though.

sarahkathryn said...

chris chris. i know this.. dont judge.
i knew it as i was typing it.
haha :)

sandra king said...

1st... HILARIOUS!!
2nd... right after obama was inagurated i felt unsafe living in america
3rd... :)
4th... im sure tracey is awesome
5th... me too

wait on the lord... ETWC

Er said...

Sandra and I agree. the end. love you!!

Emily said...

hi sarah. :) i saw you on davis-ann's blog, and i decided to be a follower of yours too. i hope you don't mind. i wish i could draw like you so cool people could be in my classes.

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