Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sweet memories.

Its a very dreary day outside and sadly it fits my mood at the moment.
Nothings really wrong. Im just tired and sick.

One thing Ive found comfort in is music.
I'm listening to Derek Loux's song Dance With Me. Its the sweetest song. It just reminds me of how gentle the Lord is towards me and how he loves to comfort his children.

I could write a whole blog about music and different artists because i think it speaks to me more than anything. The Lord uses it to speak to me sometimes and i realized that my Freshman year. If i ever feel like writing down a testimony of my Freshman year (which i should) it would tell how the Lord used it in a huge way in my life to draw me closer to himself to to prepare me for bigger things he had for me without me realizing it at the time. He likes to use the things we love the most to bring us closer to him i think. He speaks to us all in different ways.
Music moves me. In good ways and bad... But mostly good i think :)

This song by Derek Loux in particular puts this calm over me. Its almost like the spirit of the Lord is in the song and it washes over me every time its coming out of my speakers.
I guess its possible because he is in everything isn't he? or He is everything.

I like to relate music to huge points in my life. As im sure you'll found out as my blog carries on..

Last spring semester was kinda bland. Not much went on. I honestly cant remember too many memories from it which i think is extremely sad.. One thing i do remember is 24 hour prayer. I remember feeling extremely worn out/drained in every possible way. It was the last day of prayer and Davis Ann and i had been praying together and drawing at the front of the stage at The Vineyard. There were not very many people there so it was very quiet and peaceful feeling in the room. Mark Perkins brought his ipod and this song came on. Erica was at the back of the room worshiping and Davis Ann looked at me and said "look at Erica" she was at the back of room facing backwards with her little arms high in the air swaying side to side. Something about it was so innocent and sweet it brought tears to both of our eyes. On our knees and with both of our heads poked over the chairs, trying to to give it away that we were staring at her, Davis Ann and i looked at each other and both started to really cry. In that moment i saw the love that Lord had for his little girl. He loves us like his own and loves for us to come to him like innocent children. And through her dance and worship i felt the Lords sweet love for me. Erica is one person who i think of when i think of a child like faith. I admire her for that. Shes so wise and strong in what she thinks and yet so childlike.
I think its interesting out of a whole sophomore year this is the one main memory i think of. hmmm
Its a good reminder for me i think. To be reminded that i am daughter of the Living God and to be reminded that i need to come to him with a childlike faith always.

sweet memories.

when i find out how (which im going to) im gonna post songs to listen to on here so you can see what i mean.

"And i am falling into grace again and i am running where mercy never ends
Lord im learning that your love can cover me
You are teaching me what a child is meant to be
What do i do here in the waiting what do i do with my unsatisfied heart?
What do i do here in the waiting? Here in the tension in believing again?
Cause there's a lack there's a gap in my soul
between the things that i believe & i know
But Holy Spirit you who fill, all in all Come & fill me, come hold me together
Cause i know your love never fails
I fall in to grace again like a child i am"

from a song Sandra sent me by Laura Hackett from IHOP


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