Monday, October 11, 2010


There are many things that come to my mind when i think about moving to Texas.
One of them.. is how I'm going to be miles and miles from my best friends.

Im going to miss nights in Tuscaloosa hanging out with Gabrielle & Davis Ann. Saying dumb things & laughing at ourselves.
I've avoided thinking about the comfort that I have in them here. How just in one day it will be taken away. My college life will be irreplaceable. (Don't get me wrong marriage has got to be fun too, but different)

Jessica currently lives 3 hours away. There is some comfort in that. Comfort in knowing i can get in my car and drive to Chattanooga any time i needed to.
Now Dallas.. thats another story. It will put me almost 15 hours from there. There is always a plane ride.. but that cost way more than 3 hours in the car.

Gabrielle said to me the other day "i never thought id have a friend like you" & thats when all of this hit me. I could have bawled in that moment but instead I changed the subject & moved on.

Jess gave me a note pad from Italy last summer. She wrote this in the front:
"I miss watching you dance, and how watching you gave me this "eternal" feeling- I love how the book- "Perks of being a Wildflower" describes moments like that, like our moments in your room, that the night just was perfect & we wanted to stop time. He said it was "infinite" There is no one I have more infinite moments with nor anyone I could ever imagine having more than we do."
Im a moments person.
Sometimes too much of one.
At other times I push them away because they make me "feel" too much.
These days I'm trying to live in them. Not past ones but present ones.
In the future I know I will still have moments with these girls that I love and have become so close to. They will just be different. & different can be good. This im reminding my self of.

One thing Im also reminding myself.. is how blessed I am. God really is a gracious God.


wesleydenver said...

i know how you feel say! i luz you! don't worry, emma and I will be close by!!! on holidays......
wait, actually, don't move to tejas. you and matt just move to spain with us for a little while!!!

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