Saturday, June 6, 2009


I'm sitting on my couch in the Beach Plaza Hotel.
Long Beach is one of the most interesting places..
We have drug dealers living under us..
Homeless living right out side our doors..
Million Dollar houses down the street..
And a homosexual coffee shop across the park from our hotel...

With all of these differences the world seems to still go on..
No one is disturbed... of course there is chaos.. but at the same time its just how things are...
Its sad really..
sad that the norm is chaos..

I feel peaceful though..
In the midst of fear.. fear of earthquakes.. failure as a disciple.. and of all the violence that could happen any time..

I'm listening to an instrumental song that Jessica gave me in tenth grade when she got home from church camp..
The song has helped me sleep many nights and just brings back flash backs of good times.. with her.. with the lord.. i keep playing a scene in my head of riding in Jessica's car with her and Meghan Hill singing our lungs out to U2 on the pb and j mix.. i miss that. I loved the summer after my tenth grade year..
Being here has made me really realize how much I've grown up.. grown up from that place..
Meghan in getting married.. along with 2 of my other friends who i spent that summer with.. its so weird...


eric parker said...

There's something about being away from home and familiarity, that brings about a sense of nostalgia for fonder days...
As far as fear of failing as a disciple...Peter had many failing moments, yet God built/is building His church upon that rock! Be encouraged...

sarahkathryn said...

:) thanks eric parker

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