Monday, June 1, 2009


Ill write a long update on the summer sometime soon but a few things I've learned in long beach so far..

That the Lord taught me way more than i thought in my so called dry season of my life.. The past year Ive felt like not much has gone on in my life spiritually but had the realization today that God was speaking in the silence.. I figured out that He was teaching me through things i didn't know he was teaching me though... or through things i didn't think i could learn from..
He really does use all things for my good? even things that seem insignificant...

That i have the best of friends at home..i already knew thins but being away from them always highlights it even more.

That i have sooo much to learn.

That i need God to do anything and am powerless without him.

That i still have issues. (nothing new)

That running on the beach isn't as glamours as it looks.. after ten min. of running the beach turns into a desert.

That I'm growing up faster than i realized and the feeling of missing out on part of my families life/ sisters life breaks my heart way more than i thought it ever would ( i had to miss her graduation and senior recital)

That California shouldn't be called the sunshine state because its been cloudy the past 2 weeks almost everyday.


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