Monday, August 30, 2010

For Sale.

Wow. I feel like there is so much to write about. A lot has gone on. Im back in school. Loving the classes that i dreaded just 2 weeks ago. Im getting to take Book Arts again as my writing credit for the University (meaning i got out of the worst class in history..) I love my new little apartment. My brother got married last weekend. And wedding planning for me now gets to take off. Its all exciting and all been fun. Another new thing going on is that while i was home i gathered up all the paintings to sell and am posting them on Etsy soon. Ive was always going to sell them its just taken a while for me to take decent pictures and decided what id keep. Here are a few that i'm going to sell! (and if you want more info on them let me know! you will see right off that i tend to paint is bright colors but most of these were painted all around the same time, they are not all extremely colorful!)
P.S. im in shock that it is pretty much September! (meaning i get married in 3 months and 20 days from today!) :)


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