Thursday, August 5, 2010


Lately...Ive been a home with my family.
Ive painted a lot. (well more than the past year)
and i have cleaned. I cleaned from under my bed which has not been touched in like 5 years.
Pretty much threw everything away and didn't find any treasures.
I did find some treasures in other places.
I found this Gucci watch in my attic.
My dad used to own a watch shop a long time ago and this one never sold.
I have also found random things for Matthew's and my apartment.
I got this lamp at TJ Max for 20 dollars :)
The button jar i did not find but my lovely fiance did.
Hooray for treasures.
Oh and this is a painting I've been working on called the "Redemption Tree."
This weekend i'm headed out for Emma's Bachelorette weekend at the beach.
15 days and counting. (till the wedding and till i see Matthew)


L. Pioneer said...

even though i have said this already I am going to say it again....LOVE THE PAINTING baby... and think the title you gave it is are too cool for school love

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