Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I left my camera in Decatur so my plan for uploading Texas pictures/recent pictures has failed. I don't have much else to share but what's going on. Im getting married in 39 days! meaning I move to Texas in 40 days! Time is going by fast. With that are always mixed emotions.
Im pretty ready though.
Im really ready to be done with school.
Im ready to be able to spend time with Matthew for more than a weekend.
Im ready to go on new adventures in a new place. Dallas is a big enough place i think we should always be able to find something new and exciting.
Im ready to see where God would have us serve.
And ready to meet the people He already has for us to be friends with. I've seen His faithfulness in this area time and time again.
Im ready for Christmas.
Im ready for Christmas lights around the city.
Im ready for Christmas music to be on the radio.
And i'm ready for our honeymoon in British Columbia.
So many exciting things going on. And so many things to be ready for.
In anticipation/since I have no new pictures: Here's a picture from last Christmas of my siblings and me! (don't i have good looking brothers and sister?)
(this Christmas we will be able to add not one but TWO new kids to the picture)


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