Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lately pt2.

Here are some more photos from the past week.
The trip to the swimming home with J, Logan, Isabelle, and Giselle was awesome. The water was warm and the sun was out. Defiantly made it feel like summer. Being with J and Logan is good for me. They spontaneously do things and thats something that i have lost the past few years. Today i think we may go ride bikes in down town Chattanooga. Its good being active.
Logan bought us Jillian Michael's workout DVD's yesterday! Isabelle and i started today. Lets see how long i last... Hopefully i will be consistent.
Last night we drove to Chattanooga to go shopping for Logan. Afterwards we stopped by Krispy Creme for National Doughnut day. Free Doughnuts! :) The best.
Matthew is coming in 2 weeks and we get to celebrate our 2 year anniversary!
Im so glad I'm here. The Lord has been good to me.
Sorry this entry was so random.


tlogank said...

Boooo rain.

L. Pioneer said...

booo the absence of matthew thomas nutt : (

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