Monday, June 21, 2010


This summer so far has been filled with bike rides, hikes, trips to find some form of water, working out to Gillian Michael's DVD's, j and i coming up with plans for our future etsy sight/ future store, and sleeping in.
I feel slightly guilty for not having a job and all but i have looked for one. During the school i don't normally do so many fun outdoor things so it has been good to be able to. Also, I am only going to be here for a month longer at this point anyways.
Im going to see Matthew in Dallas for a few days in July because Emma (my future sister-in-law) and brother are having a shower there. I did not think i would see Matthew at all this summer. Im thankful i get to catch a ride with my mom and them even if its just for a weekend.

I have a feeling that these next 5 and a half months will be slow at times. I prepared myself in advance about not getting to see Matthew even more now that he has a job and i am 3 hours farther that before. I calculated it and if this go as they are now i will maybe see him 4 more times before our wedding! CRAZY.
We celebrated our 2 year anniversary last Wednesday via Skype. We dressed up like we did on our first date and had the same meal that we did. I love him. Im not going to lie. The past 2 years have been hard. And if you have been in any form of a long distance relationship for any time period, you know its hard. And i am so ready to be able to sit in the same room as him. I am also learning to be way more admirable of women who marry men that travel a lot and have to be away from each other. I say this because it is also hard for me to show sympathy sometimes because so often i made myself just deal with the distance and not let it effect me. I keep telling myself that i only have about 5 more months to wait but it sometimes feels never ending.
Im wanting this time to go by so fast but also when i think about being married in 5 months my mind also says slow down, and enjoy where you are. Its an exciting and fun time in my life and im doing my best to embrace it. Its crazy how time goes by. You feel like you're crawling then the next min. you look back and don't realize that you have gone father than it feels.
Anyways. This post was probably just rambling and did not make sense but oh well. I was a little bored, felt vulnerable, and thought id write my thoughts down.
Until next time.

Here are a few pictures from our Mtn. bike ride yesterday and our walk to another pretty waterfall.


L. Pioneer said...

you are an incredible woman and I m so thankful you have stuck the hard times out with you skt

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