Monday, September 20, 2010

Musical Monday.

I decided this weekend that i should (on occasion) use Mondays as the day to share what my top 10 in music is at the time.

Im going to list/suggest both songs and albums new and old.
Here's what's on my top ten list lately. (In no particular order)

1. Josh Ritter album: Hello Starling.
I love his voice. His lyrics. Everything. This album fits the time of year.
2. Mumford and Sons album: Sigh No More
Ive been listening to this album on & off for a few weeks now. Hasn't gotten old.
So good.
3. Ray Lamontagne album: God Willin' and the Creek Won't Rise
Like it for a million reasons.
4. The Avett Brother's random songs from different albums.
Always good.
5. Andrew Bird song: Anonanimal
Just like it. No reason why.
6. Missy Higgins song: Forgive Me
One word: beautiful.
7. Local Natives song: World News
8. Gabriel Kelley songs: Like She Did and Its Not Too Late
I heard about this guy from a friend of mine. He's starting out but on tour & awesome
9. Ben Rector: White Dress
Simply because Im getting married in December and this song talks about that. Ben is one of Matthew's fraternity brothers from college.
"so do you remember with your white dress on.. it was the end of December"
10. Death Cab For Cutie song I Will Possess Your Heart.
Came on shuffle yesterday on my ride home. Forgot how much i like Ben Gibbard and his wonderful talent for writing music. Im also posting this one for the music video. Its great but kinda long.. just to prepare you in case you watch it.


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