Monday, December 6, 2010


With alot of change about to happen in my life why not start it off with changing my blog header? I was getting tired of the last one and in my boredom today i made this one. Im not sure how i feel about it yet. Kinda boring? too simple? Who knows. It may change again in a week but in the meantime it satisfies the change need.

Today is Monday and here is the rundown on the countdown.
(not meaning to be cheesy and rhyme)
Matthew will arrive FRIDAY (so in 4 days.)
I graduate from the University of Alabama in 5 days.
We tie the knot in 13 days.
and in 14 days i move my life to Texas.

Needless to say... I feel... happy inside :)

(here's a picture from this time last year (Christmas break) crazy what changes in less than a year huh?)


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