Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So most of you know that Matthew and I are getting married this weekend!
5 days from now to be exact.

The week has been busy.. ya know.. packing to move to Texas.. Thrift store shopping for awesome tacky Christmas Sweaters for our family dinner Wednesday, and going out for fun mini photo shoots.. its no exaggeration the shoot was 'mini' given the fact that it was 20 degrees and wendy outside.
Most of you also know that my brother and his wife are photographers. They took our engagement pictures in Texas this summer (you can see that post HERE) and you can see the new pictures from yesterday HERE.
Its been colder here than it normally is.. it even snowed the entire day Sunday. Sadly it didn't stick. Nothing new to Alabama. Ice forms on the roads more than it ever snows. Hopefully next Sunday it WILL snow and not ice.. just enough that it wont be a problem to drive up to the mountain to where we are getting married.


moo said...

you both are so cute!! congratulations on graduating and getting married!!!

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