Saturday, December 4, 2010


Im posting a picture of my outfit today. I don't normally do this but decided to today because of how much i liked it. I always enjoy other girls posts about their outfits so thought i'd give it a try.
(please excuse the 'photo booth' quality to the pictures)
First off brown leggings, layered with tall wool socks that stick out from my boots, a button up tunic, and my favorite navy winter coat. Oh and my hair in a side braid.
Simple yes.. and nothing new.. but its most importantly COMFORTABLE. The way to go.
p.s. the 2nd pic's just because :)

I started off my Saturday morning with some coffee, going to Hobby Lobby to get some ornaments, and now Im going to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening watching movies and working on some book arts. Happy Saturday!


Anna said...

you are tooo cute!!!

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