Saturday, January 15, 2011


I was super surprised again this week by a package I received in the mail. Another one of my sweet friends sent me a thoughtful wedding gift. My friend Sarah bought me two more things from Leah Duncan's website. I got one of the awesome pillows that i posted about and the 'Hello Vase' tea towel. She also bought me this watercolor print from Geninne, one of my favorite artists. The print came in this beautiful frame. Im still trying to decide where to hang it. Something so great deserves a special spot. As I was looking for pictures on Geninne's website, to show which print I got, I came across this 'Love Wins' print. 
I thought it was fitting for Valentine's Day that is coming up. Plus, love wins is a phrase I like as a Christian because it really does win.. meaning God wins. I love that.
I have the best friends. They are so thoughtful and so loving to me. I really am blessed by them on an everyday basis. 

***All pictures taken from artists Etsy sites.***


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