Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Random thoughts:
Mallory (Matthew's sister) and I are going on an adventure Friday. We may travel to the little city of Denison, Tx. Matt and I saw an ad for it at the movie theatre. Apparently they have an awesome antique & arts district. I guess we will find out. Im excited. I love new adventures.

The cold is making me want Spring to come VERY bad.
I've been thinking about surrender & what it really means to surrender to God.
Matthew and I have been praying about where the Lord would have us serve Him.
Im learning about surrendering in that. Surrendering to the fact that He could be calling us to go somewhere far from here. Somewhere out of my comfort zone. Its exciting and scary all at once.. the unknown that is.
The safest place is in the will of God and that is where I want to be more than anything.

I do feel peaceful.
Im in love with peace.

I got new pink nail polish today.
I went to take him dinner at work tonight for the first time. It's fun being a wife.
Matthew has like 20 plaid shirts. He purchased 90% of them at a thrift store. And that is ALL he wears. I love that. I love him.

Life is good. God is good.
(this is in Denison- creepy & cool all at once)


BeccaG said...

where is this pic from? very cool.
ps. i'm trying to surrender too.

im Sarah kathryn ♥ said...

The pic i found on google :) its in the city I may to to on Friday

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