Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hello my friends! It has been a while it seems...
5 Random things: (just to keep you updated)
1. This weekend I get to see my sweet friends from college in Tuscaloosa for the Alabama vs. Arkansas game! I am SO excited. I have not seen Davis Ann (my roomie) in almost 5 months!
I've had major friend withdraws...
2. Can you believe the first day of Fall is tomorrow?! It's finally here. Maybe i'll celebrate with my first Pumpkin Spice latte of the season. (Ever since I left school, my expensive coffee days have gotten smaller and smaller. I guess that could be a good thing.)
3. My friend Chris (Wilder) came out with a new CD. The song he wrote & sang at our wedding is on it! Hooray! (It is number 7 on the album.) My good good friend Gabrielle sings with him on it too. You should check in out HERE! (You will be glad you did.)
4. I'm currently a nanny. Did I tell you that yet? It's true.
5. Here is the headboard that Matthew and I made! Pretty simple & easy.


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