Saturday, September 17, 2011


Since last weekend was filled with home projects & such we decided this weekend needed to be quite the opposite. (I'm going to post our headboard creation soon!)
This weekend has been R e l a x i n g & L a z y.
Last night Matthew and I tried a local Japanese restaurant then came home to have a movie night. We moved our mattress to the middle of the living room and fell asleep while watching an old 90's film. It was a pretty fun night. We both felt like kids again.
This morning we slept in, made breakfast, & sat outside in our hammocks to drink coffee and read. The weather has been amazing. I think Fall is deciding that it wants to come and make its home here.
Hope everyone else is having a fun weekend so far!

P.S. I'm trying a new recipe from Cooking Light tonight which should interesting. I'll let you know how it goes and if it is worth sharing!
P.S.S I've been bad about blogging lately. I'll get better I promise ;)
This picture is from last Saturday night downtown. Thanks Logan! :)


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