Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The duggers.

I'm not gonna lie I love watching 17 kids and counting.
Most college girls get together to watch shows like Gossip Girl, Grey's, Laguna Beach.. and other shows of the such but my friends.. we get together to watch the Duggers. haha.
Last night we watched an episode on Anna and Josh, the newly wed couple. It was entertaining.
The Dugger's are some of the most loving steadfast people Ive ever seen in my life.. of course they have their extreme conservativeness in everything they do that i don't necessarily aspire to be like but i truly admire them. I admire them for their trust in the Lord with their lives, how patient and peaceful they are constantly.. and still manage to have fun and be passionate about life with out legalism. I want to be like Mrs Dugger.. I don't want to have 18 kids but i want to have her kind gentle heart that's calm even with 18 kids running around... She and her husband are so respectful to each other.. and honor each other with their words.. i want to be like that when I'm married. All of their characteristics come out of a heart that is in love with God and that honors God. A lot of people think they are weird and crazy but they challenge me like no other family has.
Yeah this is funny. But really.. i love them. haha.

I want to meet them someday.

Today Im half way done with my exams.
Today its raining and im in love.
Today i decided this is my favorite song of the week...
A week from today ill be on my way to Colorado with Matthew.
Tonight im going to get half price wine and pizza at Cafe Venice with Davis Ann as our end of the semester date that we have had since freshman year. Its always one of my favorite things of the whole semester.


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