Sunday, May 3, 2009

poor and needy

Ive felt really needy and annoying lately. I tend to pull away from people when i feel this way and when i sorta feel rejected but the Lord keeps reminding me about the truth behind it and that He thinks upon me still.. over and over i keep singing the Misty Edwards song i sung constantly in my head freshman year.. "though I'm poor and needy the Lord dreams about me, though He's high and lofty I'm always on His mind.. I'm always on his mind"... to the one who i should annoy the most with my prayers and my unfaithfulness.. to the one who is Holy and blameless.. I am worth bearing with.. He is the one who thinks and longs for me... this i don't understand.. His love is so great..

I really really love Him.
and i really want to love well.

I am poor and needy Yet the LORD thinks upon me. psalm 40:17

Things I'm looking forward to:
Finals being over
My date with Davis Ann Wednesday night
Erica's party ( not her going away but the social part of it)
Seeing Matthew a week from tomorrow
Getting to clean my room for real on Friday when ill be done with life here for a while.


danteague said...

you get to see me too. arent you looking forward to that?

sarahkathryn said...

uh huh !!!!!!!! :)

Matthew said...

i am toooo!

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