Tuesday, May 5, 2009

panera break

Random thoughts.

I want to be faithful.
like really faithful.

I love pulling the lent out for the dryer, like i look forward to it (is that weird?)

I'm sad Erica is leaving Tuscaloosa. Ive learned so much from her.

Its Cinco de Mayo and da, sara, stevie, erica, and i are going to get margaritas.

I haven't studied very much since Ive been here at panera and Ive been here for 3 hours.

Im about to go buy a journal for the summer.. its kinda a big deal to me... a lot goes into picking one out for me.. im kinda picky.

I wish i was napping in my bed.

I should be getting my white pants i ordered from urban today of tomorrow :)

I feel like something new is about to happen. obviously school will be over.. but i feel a transition taking place slowly before me.

I love southern summer rain storms and how they just rolls in and leave.. it really does that like in the movies...

I want to lose my life.

I love Alabama bc of the wild flowers.

I dl new awesome music yesterday and today. mmm.

I want a massage.

I want to be like the widow in Luke 18.

I want to use less words but for my mind to be in such an order that i can do that..

I still want to speak french.

I miss jessica.

I see my family this weekend :)

I am almost half way done with my exams!


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