Tuesday, March 30, 2010

all things green.

I may or may not be getting on a green kick again. I think about it a lot. Im pretty sure it has something to do with the thoughts of summer. Summer not only makes me think of the countryside but makes me think of farmers markets. In Long Beach, Ca every thursday there was a farmers market downtown in the arts district. It was so fun to ride my bike downtown and just look at the art, try the food, and buy flowers. Matthew and i went to the Santa Barbara farmers market last summer and it was huge! Made me wonder why its not a big deal here.. here where we supposedly have a lot of farmers?.. Yes maybe it is the fact that California is indeed a hippie "more liberal" state than Alabama? (whatever that means) but i think that shouldn't matter. Hopefully when i have my own job, home, etc. I will remember to and choose to support local farmers and shop at the farmers market. Plus its a cooler way to shop and there are always tons of wildflowers! (my favorite)
Here's to beautiful colors, wildflowers, freshness, and summer!


sandra king said...

LOVE it.
do you know about this?

im Sarah kathryn ♥ said...

no!! we are goingggg! :) haha i

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