Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today I'm very inspired.
I finished sewing my computer case and it fits like a glove. I ordered it a while back only to realize i cant read measurements. So, i took it apart and resized it. Even changed the design a bit. Its going on my "new crafts to make and sell list". Love that title? I have lots of new ideas for art/painting, sewing, and crafting.. (i.e. thrift-store shopping to create cool things.. i don't want to reveal my plans. hopefully you will see soon!) ah. Im so excited. Being inspired is the best. Davis Ann and i went on an hour walk today, its so beautiful and warm here. A little sunshine is always good for the soul. Now. Im looking for a new book to read. I have a few on my shelf that are unread but don't seem to fit at this point in my life. If anyone has any good ones let me know!
I have an inspiration folder of photos i like on my computer. Here is one!


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