Saturday, March 27, 2010

happy saturday.

Today im going to an arts festival.
It will be about 74 degrees and sunny.
Im having pancakes with two of my best friends Gabrielle and Davis Ann.
(a saturday tradition around here) Ive learned the perfection of making a pancake. Ive made them almost every saturday for over a year (well during the school year) and i quite enjoy it.
Also, today im hanging out with Christie. Another one of my favorite people these days. Its going to be a good day.
Ive been thinking about summer non stop. Im sure along with everyone else im ready for the warm sun and green grass. Im not sure what it is but ive also been craving the country side. It makes me feel kinda like a little girl.
This summer im spending it with Jessica in Tennessee. The thought of having my first summer in the south and not in California (for the first time in 3 years) is a little strange but im excited about the hot humid air in the south. It may sound crazy but its comforting to me. Reminds me of so many good times.


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