Sunday, April 11, 2010

day of birth.

Formal weekend was great. It was spend walking around downtown Memphis, throwing the Frisbee in the park, celebrating my birthday, and dancing all night on a river boat. Matthew made me an awesome cake that i was totally surprised by. He also picked out my formal shoes (the last picture at the bottom) because i couldn't find any in Tuscaloosa! Thought i should share since he did such a great job! He has great taste huh? Memphis is a cool place. I think that it has a bad reputation in some aspects but i was totally impressed this time i went. It has its cool spots. Anyways. Also for my birthday i got an awesome graphic design magazine, a cool hippie dress (like legit hippie dress) and a new yellow purse to replace my awesome yellow leather messenger bag that i have had for a few years that is now falling apart. I like being 22. Its not too old sounding but its not highlight year that makes you feel really young. Its a good age.


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