Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today has been a good day.
Today i have sewn, worked out, gone to class, got a diet coke with vanilla from sonic, thrifted, talked to my best friend on the phone, drove barefoot on newly paved roads, listened to Lisa Hannigan, and made a jewelry stand. I mentioned in a post a few days ago that i had new "craft" ideas. Well here is one of them. I saw the idea on a vintage blog and decided i could make them to! It was so fun looking for plates in stacks of a hundred. So here is my first attempt at making a resourceful object. Lets just hope it stays together! I hope everyone had had a good thursday! xo. ps. thats my dad in the background when he was in college! such a cutie.


L. Pioneer said...

HOLY COW! BABE! that looks great!!!! and I love the picture!!!!!...seriously I am very love you

im Sarah kathryn ♥ said...

:) good!!!! :) yay. i love you!

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