Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Wow am i really just now doing this? So my Brother Wesley and his now Fiance Emma (thats them at the very top) are photographers. They are so amazing and do all sorts of awesome things! They met in spanish class a few years ago.. went to Spain and fell in love. Cute huh? yeah.. they are that kind of couple you kinda look at and wonder how they are so perfect? Both speak spanish, both have an eye for photography, are trendy, and are super sweet at that. So here they are W+E Photographie. Check them out! (oh p.s they are getting married 4 months from tomorrow!? i cant wait)


w + e photographie said...

so, glad we will be sisters in a few short months... i mean, not like we weren't already- good 'ol sorority, duh! ;)

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