Monday, April 19, 2010


So ive been cleaning out my room. Im not moving out for two and a half more weeks but my parents are down here tomorrow to get a few things since it is their spring break.
I decided I may or may not have minor characteristics of a hoarder. Haha. I mean i keep a lot of things. A lot of things i think i may need in the future. For the most part i think i only keep useful things minus things of sentimental value. Ever since i was little i looked for "treasurers" and now that i sorta have my own house to put them in i have collected quite a few. My grandkids will thank me in the future. Its the types of things i wished i had found in the attic at my grandmothers. Old notes from high school.. pictures.. And antique types of things. Going thorough all this "stuff" has not been all that bad. Its pretty organized.. well.. in a messy sort of way.. and i enjoy "finding" things again, things that make me laugh.. and finding things to throw away.. both give awesome feelings.
I found these Polaroid's in a book of Matthew and me during spring break last year in Dallas. I also found my old dance dvd's. You know what i'm going to be doing while laying in bed tonight...
and tomorrow im sure i will wake up and write about how i never should have quit dancing and how nastolgic i feel.. ha.. Lets hope that doesnt happen ;)


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