Tuesday, March 8, 2011


5 Things I am obsessed with lately:
  1. The water bottle that Matthew gave me for Valentine's Day. Forget flowers & candy.. it has a mini water filter in it..j/k he got me those things too. Im not snobby about much but yes, I may be a water snob?
  2. Blueberries (so good & taste so clean!)
  3. Thinking about what flowers I'm going to plant in pots on our front porch when it gets warmer. (Thanks for inspiration Martha.) I love flowers oh so much..too bad we don't have a backyard. 
  4. Easter candy. (Yummie)
  5. Headbands! (all kinds! especially this one! so cute.)


sandra king said...

ohgosh. L O V E that headband!!!
i like this pic too.
you a good photographerrr.

L. Pioneer said...

you forgot me?! But I will let it slide this time

L. Pioneer said...

love your blog post and every single one before it

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