Wednesday, March 30, 2011


5 things we're into lately:
1. Grinding our own coffee from Central Market.. Spring is getting lost in-between winter and summer and a warm cup of good coffee is all that sounds good lately. Today Matthew and I sat at Panera to drink coffee, read our bibles, and have some Facetime with Daniel (my bro!) It was delightful on this cold and wet day.
2. Jazz and blues music. (John Lee Hooker on Pandora = awesome.)
3. Discovering new movies: We have watched a few good ones the past month: Get Low, Never Let Me Go, It's Kind Of a Funny Story, and Due Date. For all of you Independent film lovers they all pretty good. Next on our list: Made in Dagenham and Barney's Version.
4. Discovering DIY projects to take on! (I would totally do this bunny one if I had little kiddies)
5. Finding a way to move to TN!? Any suggestions or job offers? :)


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