Friday, March 4, 2011


I went running outside yesterday (first time in months). I may have found one of those 'gems' i was talking about a few posts back. I ran by an elementary school that reminded me of the one I went to growing up. There is a track around the school with trees & a park behind it. I laughed when I had to stop & walk about half way around the track. I'm still that little girl I was in elementary school. Still a little timid, still bad at spelling, and still bad at running. I was 'that kid' that got to stop & walk half way during the mile run because of my asthma. Some things don't change. I'm glad I can laugh at myself now instead of being embarrassed like I was back then. Walking around the school felt peaceful. Maybe it's because it felt so familiar.. & maybe because there wasn't anyone around but a few children laughing right outside of the school. It will be nice to ride my bike there on beautiful days & read under the trees.
Again and again I am thankful.
'Let them thank the Lord for his steadfast love, & his wondrous works to the children of man, For he satisfies the longing soul & the hungry soul he fills with good things' Psalm 107 (vs8&9)
(Isn't this photo magical? Can't wait for the dandelions, although they are weeds? Found here)


Jess Ryan said...

"Still a little timid, still bad at spelling, and still bad at running." - best line ever

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